Kimia Farma
01 Kimia Farma
Changing the “old” persona of Kimia Farma is changing into younger and fun persona.
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02 Avrist
In order to regenerate their customer base, they start to target millennials, making them aware of the importance of having an personal insurance.
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03 Brightspot
To create a special event commemorating Brightspot’s 10 year anniversary.
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04 JSD
JSD want to strengthen their position as one of the biggest Pop Culture event in Jakarta, and would like to use video as the medium to realize that.
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05 Grebe
To deliver a new shopping experience.
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HM Sampoerna
06 HM Sampoerna
CRM Management
Utilizing their CRM Platform to gain traction which will bring traffic to their Website.
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The Body Shop
07 The Body Shop
Increasing engagement with influencers & customers.
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