Who Are We

“We are a group of people trying to create impact from daily values”

Through passion, endless imagination, and innovation. We serve a fresh creative collaboration ideas on a plate of professionalism that will help your business growing with each bite of it.

We work alongside with you
Think of a friend you can trust. We work with creative collaborators across the industries to grow together with you.
Reputable Partners
We collaborate with Google, Line & Digimind who allow us to get a direct access to their platforms and tools. This will maximize the result of your solution and or campaign.
Personalized & Tailor Made
Every business type is unique. Like raising a baby, we always ensure the ideas given will nurture your business to grow properly.
Data Driven
Data holds an unparalleled importance to any actions we do. In every single work that we craft, we use strong datas & insights as the strategic backbone and put creativity as the soul.
How We Do It
Our method is based on our years of understanding the consumer behavior process. It is designed to know at what cycle you are now and how to empower it.
We live and breathe digitally. Our strategies are mainly generated from well-qualified data and designed by incorporating plentiful platforms, solutions, and resources.
Creative contents are now becoming the main communication tools to cultivate your engagement with the audience. Akaraya content team is well-equipped to assist you to grow into an effective brand publisher that connects and engages closely with your audience.
A good technology is something that will make live easier. With a deep understanding in UI and UX, our IT team principle is to create not only “high-tech” solutions for you, but more into “high-functioning and easy to digest” solutions.